SonoXR is our newest AR-based ultrasound product since May 1st, 2021, and the first of its kind. SonoXR was formerly known as project AuRIS (Augmented Reality Intervention System). With BabyAR and BabyStreamer as digital solutions for gynecologists in private practice, SonoXR is now the first known solution using AR ultrasound for clinical applications and medical ultrasound teaching.


supports physicians during interstitial and vascular needle interventions by visualizing all relevant information for the intervention at the site of the event/procedure. There is no need for a constant change of view between the monitor of the ultrasound device and the site of the intervention.



  • is the first system of its kind worldwide
  • works with any conventional/regular ultrasound device
  • supports teaching, diagnostics and needle interventions
  • award-winning and scientifically proven
  • was developed with several university clinics and hospitals
  • SonoXR EDU for teaching
  • SonoXR PRO as a registered medical device for clinical use

SonoXR and Microsoft Hololens

An example of the view through the Hololens is shown in the video (with the use of a "phantom"). However, the video cannot show the "real" view into the phantom. Due to lack of depth information, the 3D effect cannot be conveyed in a "normal" video. For this, the view through the Hololens with the SonoXR software is necessary.

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